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Website design is more than, well, design.

Don’t get us wrong, looking good is great! In fact, it’s number one. But how do we get there and how can we make it convert to real-life leads? Let’s start with the basics on how we get things done around here. Then we can get into the minutia.

Here are the elements that we excel at – helping you excel at what you do.

Employing creativity and design expertise, Go Hamptons Media will organize your visual assets into a cohesive collection. Once sorted and optimized, you can confidently release your graphics across all of your communication platforms. This element is derived from several discovery sessions with potential directions with the client, and together narrowing them. Once complete, we launch them into all of your marketing efforts, including your website.
We design and evolve brand identities. The process involves discovery sessions, the presentation of several carefully thought out directions that goes beyond a logo, but also color, typography, imagery and other graphic parts. Once your identity is approved we can also create your design guidelines. Your brand will have a lot to do with how your website will look, feel and communicate.
Developing the wireframes that will become your website is the first step in taming the wilderness of information and graphics that will make up your efficient and gorgeous website. Before a project goes into the concept phase, we will produce wireframes for important vital pages and screens. These will identify the hierarchy and layout of all information.
Websites that are well-crafted will not only be pleasant to experience, but will convert leads. Isn’t that what it’s about? If you are using your website as the first stopping off point for potential customers and leads, your storefront, if you will, you want it to work hard for you. The previous work of strategy, identity and information architecture all inform the designs which will comprise a home page at minimum, and is often extended into many lead converting internal pages. It’s a mouthful, but it’s worth it.

Here’s what goes into your website:

Content is the most important thing in any design concept. Your message, your brand, your users’ experience and your SEO all depend on it. We can help to make sure your content is fantastic. Once you have your content, we can also work with you to devise a solid information architecture.

When it comes to websites, destination is everything. Go Hamptons Media will map the the most direct way for your users to get where they need to be. Before we begin coding any website we will work with you to create a detailed sitemap of both the front end and admin panel of the site.
To ensure a pleasurable and informative experience for your website visitors, we will use case-studies to present the who, where, what, why and how of your site’s key attractions. They include detailed notes on activities undertaken by each user, and how the solution should respond. In the end, you can be confident of your site’s requirements and ambitions.
You say potato, I say potahhhto. An editorial style guides acts as an outline of the right voice, spelling and stylistic preferences of the content on your pages.
You’re going to have a lot of stuff to include on your site: Company information, employee bios, service and merchandise descriptions etc. We take all of this content, edit it and make sense of it, embedding keywords as necessary to optimize your Google page rank.
The Press News Group has a full-time staff of editors and professional proof readers who are available to review your content and proof your web pages before you release them to the world. 

Why trust Go Hamptons?

Go Hamptons Web Design can do it all, from a simple brochure for a small business, to a complex e-commerce website for growing companies. We offer high-end, high-quality solutions with impact that will catapult your brand into every market you desire.

HTML and CSS are the multilingual guides of the internet. As part of every website build, we create HTML/CSS templates to ensure they work across multiple browser formats.
Website prototypes are generally interactive wireframes that enable a user to work through the designed processes before their functionality is built. It’s like a draft but “touchable” version before we start getting into the coding, saving hours of work on any project.
The sites we build are planned, crafted and produced through the use of industry best-practices. Our websites are built with the intelligence to meet your needs. We build content managed sites (CMSs), e-commerce sites, real estate sites, database-backed sites in HTML5, static sites, and any other style of website you can think of.
All of our websites are designed to look great in any browser and on any screen size. Whether your customers are finding you on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, your website will resize automatically, guaranteeing a great user experience on any device.
We back our sites with super-fast and reliable servers that are managed in-house. You never have to worry that it will go down or slow up–especially when the season brings millions of people flooding into the area, slowing up connections regionally. Our 24/7 support and access make this a no-brainer.
Every Go Hamptons website comes packaged with the basic provisions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to get serious and are in a particularly competitive industry and want your website to appear at the top of search results for a particular search phrase, we can provide you with a customized strategy to get you there.

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