Renee Dahl: Barbie’s BFF

For the NY Times piece, I had interviewed Renee Dahl. I felt the article didn’t really cover the world that IS Renee Dahl in any real way – a world devoted to Barbie – and its meaning to society as a whole (the article was about the Hamptons’ light). I hope to own one of Renee’s works some day, but until then, I will let my photos speak for themselves.  I will just say that although the beauty on the outside obsession on our self-image is endemic in our society but if we look closely, there is a rot that is spreading just underneath the skin.

I was a Matchbox kind of girl. But the Barbie world did always fascinate me to the point of not wanting any part of it.

Between the orgy of blue eye-shadow, blonde hair and perky breasts, there is a sort of sadness to the end-message that is being expressed in not only the paintings but world in itself. The fact that so many are beheaded and piled together, while many others frolic in the pool, fruit flies clinging and dying in their epic blondeness. Renee manages to say something powerful in this world. That beauty is fading – but that the fun doesn’t need to end, however superficial it is to the world at a whole. One day, the art arena will come to know and appreciate the meaningful thought-provoking art that Renee has been working on for decades.

Photos ©2014 Ty Wenzel.

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