Greg Dulli’s Moment of Twilight

So I find myself sitting on a toilet in an East Village bar called DBA (the watering hole of my husband’s single days).  I look around for some toilet paper and low and behold – what do I see?  Poetry all over the walls written by hundreds of women during their powder room romps.  As I’m reading away, one thing just pops out.  DULLI YOU SEXY MOTHERFUCKER!  and DULLI RULES!  I laugh mainly because I agree and I had just talked to him a few weeks before for this article.

When I get back out to meet my friends, guess what’s playing in the background?  Right after hearing all of Radiohead’s new Kid A, on comes the entirety of TWILIGHT as played by the TWILIGHT SINGERS (a.k.a. Dulli’s side project).  I go up to the bartender and say, “You’ve got a real Afghan Whigs following here huh?”  And he says, “You better believe it.”  I tell him about my interview.  He gives me a free drink.  I love this job.

The album starts with one of the most beautiful songs of the year:  the twilite kid.  Dulli’s breathy voice really gets to shine here and the emotions he’s able to explore through it really touch the listener.

All of Dulli’s work with the Afghan Whigs have been very emotional and sexy, but there is definitely something that smells of things like unrequited love, passionate nights (check out the orgasmic moans in track #3 called Clyde), yearning and loneliness in these songs.  It’s a mature album from a maturing Dulli.  Twilight is clearly a labor of love.  And from talking to Greg, he confirmed that in his thirties, he’s slowing down a bit, with less womanizing and getting into trouble.  I suspect the drinking is down too.  Somehow, I think the music is going into a better direction, perhaps because of this.

It seems that Greg is looking to be saved.  It seems that love is the only thing that can do this.  Maybe I’m reading into the album too much, but Greg is looking for redemption through this emotional spewing… possibly trying to purge the lonely demons he’s been heralding for too long.  Is Dr. Freud in the house?

save me save me either way i wanna be your baby

The brooding melodies are triumphant in that they truly utilize Dulli’s talent at crooning, seranading, and making everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Many of the climactic highs of the songs feel something like mental breakthroughs and some even make you want to dance.  This is a beautiful album which only gets better and better the more you listen to it.  Barry White’s got some competition here..

We’ll miss the hedonistic, drunken partyboy, but somehow, he seems even sexier now.  As a man.  Would you ever have believed it?  I think Greg’s all grown up!

-Ty Wenzel

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