Download Our Brochure — And Other Marketing Tips

So we have found a need to market ourselves outside of our precious-yet-robust community in the Hamptons, and in response we created a downloadable digital brochure that anyone can peruse, then share or download right from the page.


I find that a lot of our clients see it as useful when their prospects can share their work with those that pull the purse-strings. For example, when a local builder is looking to be invited to bid on a construction job, the architect is forced to pull together all the information about the construction companies that he feels would be a good fit for the homeowner. Instead of sending the homeowner a bunch of tearsheets, clippings and bad polaroids, they can download a digital brochure and shoot it over to the homeowner in literally 10 seconds (depending on how fast they type).

This didn’t even exist twenty years ago, but it’s one of the many ways the digital revolution has helped make marketing a dream come true. Especially for small businesses.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Go Hamptons Media.

— Ty

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