Susans Favorites of the Hamptons

Susan’s Favorites is full of my personal experiences in the Hamptons.  The list grew out of my career as a real estate agent and having customers and clients ask me about the area.  Go Hamptons was able to create a website for Susan’s Favorites that is easy to use and great to look at.  They also have made it easy for me to add new experiences to the site, blog and share on social media. I have not seen another site like it for the Hamptons.

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Thank you for your wonderful website!

Thank you for your wonderful Website! The Architecture, format and creative thinking is very much appreciated. You share our vision and have translated it into our website.

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Michael Ullian

Highly Recommended

I’d been searching for someone to update and revitalize our aging website and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Go Hamptons Media! After only one meeting, they knew exactly what we wanted and needed in a new site and they very quickly developed a framework which resulted in an outstanding product. I truly believe that we have one of the best looking and user-friendly political websites on the Internet. I have no hesitation in recommending Go Hamptons Media.

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A True Professional

hamptons power wash

Being a small business owner on the East End has its challenges. I am not an expert in web design or search engine optimization and i needed one in a big way because my phone was not ringing like it used to. After interviewing several (SEO) search engine optimizers I was getting very discouraged. Each one had a different opinion, approach and feeling and none of them felt comfortable. In fact, I wasn’t sure who to believe or what as well. Then I found Go Hamptons Media. From the moment we had our first meeting in her office it was clear that I found the “true professional” SEO that I was looking for. Go Hamptons Media explained the entire process and provided me with a preliminary report about my site and my competitors as well. The report was over 40 pages! Easy to read with data that showed you where you were in Google’s ranking and what you needed to do to be at the top. No mumbo jumbo, just clear and concise. I told Go Hamptons Media that I wanted them to take on the project optimizing my website and they agreed to do so. Go Hamptons Media gave me expectations and we went forward. Within the first week I was ranked on page 26, the second week page 2 and the third week page 1. Go Hamptons Media exceeded my expectations a million times over and the season hasn’t even started yet! If your looking for the best (SEO) you need to look no further, just call Go Hamptons Media.

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We’re Really Excited

We are really excited about our new website. Our goal is to be a central place to go to learn about all things Democratic.