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Urban Explorers Journey Into the Ruins of Long Island

My latest NY Times article, Urban Explorers Journey Into the Ruins of Long Island, was published on July 23rd, 2015. Besides the article, they also published a couple of my own photos, which is a first for me! Urban exploration, aka #urbex, is a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember: the trespassing into abandoned spaces to experience its vibe usually for the sole purpose of photography – at least in my case. I was happy with […]

Nick & Toni’s Brunch

My little family treated ourselves last week to a lovely brunch at this East Hampton destination. I have to say, it was so good that I can’t wait to go back. I hadn’t been in years because we had the most banal but epically expensive dinner there about a decade ago and never bothered again. So I’m thrilled that we did!

To QR Code or Not To QR Code (And How To Make One)

So where do these squiggly designed cubes come from? They were originally designed for the automotive industry in Japan so that consumers could easily get more information beyond what the marketing people were trying to convey through packaging. It was a form of the barcode so that if a consumer sees the QR code, it would be super easy for them  to whip out their mobile phone and scan the code to gain access to that info. It comes in handy for coupons, downloadable info and lots […]

The Great Blizzard of 2015

So it seems that here on the East End, we got hammered much more than the epic over-reactions of what NYC expected. I have to admit, I loathe the winter months. I hate everything about being cold, and the shoveling – don’t get me started. I had gotten worried that my car, which we dug out yesterday during our snow-day, was going to be buried this morning. And it was. Literally. The plows which finally showed up some time in […]

Social Media and The East End

As the holidays have more than crept up on us, I wanted to bring up social media. You see, social media is not so much about selling a product or promoting a service, it’s more about engagement, getting to know your community. And in doing so, you may pick up a prospect along the way. I don’t really believe in the 10% business/90% social commentary on venues like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. It’s more like: just be yourself. If […]

Download Our Brochure — And Other Marketing Tips

So we have found a need to market ourselves outside of our precious-yet-robust community in the Hamptons, and in response we created a downloadable digital brochure that anyone can peruse, then share or download right from the page. I find that a lot of our clients see it as useful when their prospects can share their work with those that pull the purse-strings. For example, when a local builder is looking to be invited to bid on a construction job, […]

Pouring One for the Muse

Here’s my latest article for the New York Times (Metropolitan section): A Night of Wine and Art on Long Island by Ty Wenzel elieve it or not, people are still getting together in the flesh, and blood, to express themselves and socialize, leaving Facebook and Instagram behind, at least temporarily. Take painting parties, combined art classes and cocktail hours, which are becoming more prevalent on Long Island. Pamela Paredes just opened a Wine and Design franchise in Syosset in August […]

Renee Dahl: Barbie’s BFF

For the NY Times piece, I had interviewed Renee Dahl. I felt the article didn’t really cover the world that IS Renee Dahl in any real way – a world devoted to Barbie – and its meaning to society as a whole (the article was about the Hamptons’ light). I hope to own one of Renee’s works some day, but until then, I will let my photos speak for themselves.  I will just say that although the beauty on the […]

A Refuge of Natural Light

My first feature for the New York Times came out online today and will be in the Metro section of the New York Times tomorrow. But you can read it here by downloading it as a pdf. Here are some images that I took during my interview with Terrie Sultan, Director, at The Parrish Art Museum.   Photos: ©2014 Ty Wenzel

A Little Something For The Citiots!

Spotted at Carvel in Bridgehampton, NY.

Douchebag Revolution (Hamptons Style)

This was originally published in East Hampton Patch. It’s official.  Douchebag spotters has gone viral.  And it has competitors.  It seems that locals have had enough and we are not going to take it anymore.  The internet is the perfect venue to spew everything from our head-scratching WTFs to our road-rage moments that could so easily go wrong.  So venting is good. I am having a love/hate relationship with it, personally.  I, like most people, am not a fan of […]

La Luna

I keep thinking about the super moon last weekend. Is it possible that it was that lovely powerful moon that continues to keep feelings of everyone around me low and easily irritable? Some people are always hyper, but for me, the moon was so uplifting and inspiring. I loved taking this photo… Just wished I had my tripod.

New York Times

My two New York Times mini articles for Room for Debate plus one that I was interviewed for:

The Surly Moral World Of Michel Houellebecq

I never felt so naked in my life. I spot Michel Houellebecq sitting at the table waiting patiently for the interview to start  when I show up with a colleague and my husband, Kurt.  A few yards away, I observed him carefully.  A 40-something, small, slouchy, balding, non-descript man wearing a dreary tan jacket.  He is looking down and quite bored with the situation.  I’ve seen that look on many a Frenchman, you know, the “I could be doing something […]

Jimi Goodwin of the Doves

The whole time I’m driving, I’m thinking it’s electrifying that in a few short hours I’ll be face to face with Doves, one of my favorite bands of the prevailing year. I didn’t get in on the interviews during their last US excursion, but managed to weasel my way in this time around. Doing 85 on the LIE, I tell myself that 110 miles of white line and traffic is well worth even fifteen minutes with Doves frontman, Jimi Goodwin. […]

Chuck Palaniuk Is A Famous Writer

Chuck Palahniuk is a famous writer. Who would have thought it? At Privy we’re dedicated to championing the gratuitously overlooked, the foolishly ignored, but by the time we met up with Chuck Palahniuk at Balthazaar Restaurant in New York City this June, the “cult” writer could no longer be referred to as such. Two nights before he had read at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square, and the crowd was so overwhelming that late arrivals were reduced to peaking […]

Intercontinental Interpol

You may have read my interview with The Delgados in the past issue, and if you had, you would know that opening for their show the night of the interview was an ’80s influenced band – Joy Division inspired to be exact – called Interpol. I have to admit I wasn’t knocked out right away but I was after all, waiting to see the coolest and most progressively entrepreneurial band from Glasgow. I am on the balcony watching Alun and […]

A Phoner With Spoon

Absolutely everything went wrong with this interview. Britt Daniel and I played e-mail tag until we finally got it together to meet at an Irving Plaza Guided by Voices show for which Spoon was opening. I sent the final confirmation e-mail and I got no reply. Huh? The last few e-mails seemed so definite. I was pissed. I thought, once again, in classic rock and roll tradition, I’m getting a snow-job from a lead singer on one of his little […]

The Delgados

I met up with The Delgados at their final show in the states. They recently completed a grueling tour covering major cities and seeing the real and not so real America. I’ll explain later. Guillermo Nanni and I headed for The Knitting Factory in Tribeca, quite excited to talk with the most talked about band from Glasgow, following the great success of their newest release, The Great Eastern. We sat in the café waiting for the big van to show […]

Rob Schnapf Producer

On Election Day, I was on my way to the West Village to cast my vote when I stopped by the studio where Guided By Voices was recording their upcoming release, Isolation Drills (due to release April 3rd/TVT Records). After our last interview, Bob Pollard had become a pal and so I’d wanted to drop off a gift for him (I had missed his pizza and unlimited beer-fest on his real birthday – on Halloween, fittingly enough.) When I gave […]

In the drink with GUIDED BY VOICES

Dinner with Guided By Voices? Dinner with GBV? This is the daunting and unlikely prospect we are confronted with on a recent night in NYC. On behalf of Privy Magazine, my wife, Ty and I have requested an interview with indie-legend Bob Pollard. What better way, we ask, to launch the debut issue of a magazine dedicated to celebrating unsung art heroes than with the lead singer of the best and most unsung rock band on Earth? After much friendly […]

Greg Dulli’s Moment of Twilight

So I find myself sitting on a toilet in an East Village bar called DBA (the watering hole of my husband’s single days).  I look around for some toilet paper and low and behold – what do I see?  Poetry all over the walls written by hundreds of women during their powder room romps.  As I’m reading away, one thing just pops out.  DULLI YOU SEXY MOTHERFUCKER!  and DULLI RULES!  I laugh mainly because I agree and I had just […]

The Many Faces of Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris is an enigma. She’s beautiful, in the seventeen magazine sense, intelligent and one of the most polite people I’ve ever known. She bakes and sells cupcakes and cheese balls, for God’s sake! But when she’s on, that is, when she’s in character, she is the most twisted person you will ever meet. She is not beyond cursing like a truck driver, wearing fat suits, painting her pretty face with bloody open gashes and black, bruised eyes; and will […]

The Parrish Museum


I’m very proud to officially release my latest website, www.babyhampton.com.  It features eCommerce functionality with a simple cms for clients who are not programmers. Kristen Peterson, from Amagansett, creates organic and natural skincare products for children.  And next week, babyhampton will be launching their new bodywash, birthday suit!  So go get your organic sunscreen and sunstick because we’re in a heatwave!  Stay safe…  

The Loneliest Train Station

I work in glorious Montauk as a web and graphic designer.  Where I work is around the bend from Duryea’s Lobster Deck.  There is so much beauty around me every day that it truly takes my breath away.  After passing the glistening water surrounding every turn, I pass by the Montauk train station.  I think I saw a train stop there once, years ago. Montauk has a lovely fog every morning and in the early evenings, I didn’t know this […]

Tipping in the Hamptons

I wrote a book in ’03 called, “Behind Bars: The Straight-Up Tales of a Big City Bartender,” so I have very strong ideas about gratuities and the service industry.  Then last week I wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times called, “Tips Supplement Paltry Paychecks.”  Originally its title was, “Tip or Die.” Now that the season is in full swing, I’m asking local servers what they think about getting rid of the system of tipping?  Could you live […]

Ty Wenzel has been painting since the age of 13. Her current series is a new take on

Getting Back to Basics

So.  So, I’ve decided to get back to painting.  Mainly it’s because I feel I need it to be healthy.  And that my neighborhood demands it of me.  My “Disco” series will be expanded to the artists of the 80s that I loved so much.  Keith Haring.  David Salle.  Francesco Clemente.  Jean Michel Basquiat.  Andy Warhol.  And many others.  It’s odd, the older I get the more I regress back into that child I once was, painting like Patrick Nagel […]

Jackson Pollock

I live about a mile away from the Jackson Pollock / Lee Krasner house, where all that magic came from.  There are a lot of stories that go around town (Springs, East Hampton NY) about Pollock.  For instance, there’s a particular tree down the street that is supposed to be “that tree.”  The tree he crashed into with his mistress and her friend, that killed him and the friend.  There used to be a plastic wreath attached to it until […]